Alexander Leonidovich Yashchenko

1868 - 1938 (Sergach)

General Information

Teacher and natural scientist. In 1910–1913 he was a member of the interagency commission for the acquisition of the Prokudin-Gorsky collection for the treasury, as a representative of the department - Institutions of the Empress Maria. In summer of 1915 he invited Prokudin-Gorsky to his estate in the Sergach district of the Nizhny Novgorod province for shooting. The photographs taken there, as well as some other works from the Prokudin-Gorsky collection, are published in the book: “Primary Geography: a geography course for primary schools on examples mainly from the nature of Russia, with reference to new programs of Ministry of Education with appendix of essays on Homeland Studies and a Brief Overview of Parts of the World ”/ compiled by A. Yashchenko. - Petrograd: Tipo-lithography "Energiya", 1916. Sentenced to death and shot.