Alexander L’vovich Gershun

1868 - 1915 (Petrograd)

General Information

Russian physicist, engineer, founder of Russian optics industry, major specialist in applied optics, electromagnetism, radioactivity. In 1898 he was invited to teach at the photographic courses established by Prokudin-Gorsky. Had a practical interest in color photography. Prokudin-Gorsky wrote an obituary for A.L. Gershun (Photographic News, 1915, No. 6, p. 99). Melikov fund (see Melikov, Ivan Andreevich) in Central State Historical Archive of Saint-Petersburg contains "Extracts from the minutes of a meeting of the technical commission of JSC ‘Biochrom’ for testing the optical system of Professor Gershun for color cinema. 1914–1917".